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09:30  Registration, Networking, Refreshments

10:00  Workshop Introductions

10:15  Travel Technology Trends and Opportunities – Valentin Dombrovsky – Travelabs
We review the current state of travel tech and where it is going, covering key trends and opportunities. Valentin will present a framework to detect and analyse upcoming trends in travel and adapt accordingly. Learn to recognise travel technology industry trends and to tell real trends from buzz. Apply knowledge to your business and find opportunities that you haven’t seen before.

11:45  Coffee Break

12:00  Customer Journey for Travel – Mark Lenahan & Cormac Corrigan – CJ Ignition
Every travel company is only a small part of a much longer journey. We walk through 15 phases of customer journey from inspiration, to destination, to lifetime value. We assess: physical and digital touch points, key consumer and travel trends, real-world examples of good and bad customer experience, the established companies, the commercial models, and who has the customer data.

13:30  Lunch + Networking

14:30  Customer Journey for Travel – Continued

15:45  Coffee Break

16:00  Online Travel Marketing and Communications – Miquel Ros – CNN, Allplane, Ros D&P
What can the travel industry learn from the most successful online retailers? We review, through cases studies, how the most forward-thinking innovators in travel are using technology to strengthen their brands and generate higher revenues. Miquel will explain how to place technology at the centre of your marketing and communications mix.

17:30  Workshop Ends